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The Master- Key to Riches – Written by Napoleon Hill

Booksummary: The Master-Key to Riches – Written by Napoleon Hill

This book in a nutshell is a must read for anybody wanted to improve their lives. Regardless of what area you want to improve, Napoleon Hill shows the Master-Key works. Napoleon Hill died in 1970 at 87 years old. Thus the research he did was way ahead of his time. He profiled Andrew Carnegie who created U.S. Steel and mentored Charles Schwab. Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to profile successful people to see if there was a pattern. This book along with Think and Grow Rich is a combination of that research. 

Why is this important to me?
If I was spending my precious time listening to this video then the first question I would ask is – Why is this important to me?
This is important because Mr. Hill explains the 12 riches of life and how to achieve them. Are you where you want to be or do you need help defining true happiness? The study of the 12 riches and the Master-Key defined in this book will give you the blueprint for happiness.

The 12 Riches of Life are:
1. Positive Mental Attitude,
2. Sound Physical Health,
3. Harmony in Human Relationships ,
4. Freedom from Fears,
5. The Hope of Achievements,
6. The Capacity of Faith,
7. Willingness to Share One’s Blessings,
8. A labor of Loves,
9. An Open Mind on All Subjects,
10, Self-discipline, 
11. The capacity to Understand People, 
12. Economic Security. All 12 riches are important but for the sake of time we will dig into three of them in this summary.

1. Positive Mental Attitude – Mental attitude is important because it converts the brain into the equivalent of an electro-magnet which attracts the counterpart of one’s dominating thoughts, aims and purposes. It also attracts the counterpart of one’s fears, worries and doubts. This basically means that you will manifest in your life that which you focus on regardless if it is positive or negative.

2. Sound Physical Health – This one is self-evident and should be number one. In my humble opinion, without health, you cannot create anything. Health is the ultimate gift because with it, everything else is possible. This can easily be taken for granted but once it is taken from you then life changes instantly. This needs to be a priority for everybody.

3. The Capacity to Understand People: The person who truly understands people knows that we all come from the same core. The nine emotions common, according to the book are: love, sex, desire of material gain, self-preservation, freedom from body and mind, self-expression, desire for perpetuation of life and death, anger and fear. The capacity to understand others eliminates many of the common causes of friction among men. The Master-Key is a combination of 17 principles when used in combination will allow you to achieve the 12 Riches of Life.

The Master-Key consists of:
1) Habit of going the extra mile
2) Definiteness of Purpose
3) The Master mind
4) Applied Faith
5) Pleasing Personality
6) Habit of learning from defeat
7) Creative Vision
8) Personal Initiative
9) Accurate Thinking 
10) Self-Discipline 11) Concentration of Endeavor
12) Co-operation
13) Enthusiasm
14) The Habit of Health
15) Budgeting Time and Money 
16) Golden Rule Applied
17) Cosmic habit force.

For the sake of time we will profile three of the seventeen.

1. Definiteness of Purpose – Highly successful people have a defined purpose. Mother Teresa dedicated her life in helping the poor of Calcutta and through her definite purpose became world renowned and helped millions of people.

2. The Master Mind – is a group of people that have expertise that can be leveraged toward your defined purpose. Leveraging the combined OPE (Other People’s expertise) gives a compound effect to the desired result.

3. Habit going the Extra Mile – I like this one because the 12 Riches of Life can NOT be attained without hard, smart and right work. You have to do the thing to have the power!!!! Notice this is the HABIT of going the extra mile. Ingrain this in your mind and you will not be disappointed with the results.

I hope you have found this short video summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes habit.

Habits form in as little as 21 days. I highly recommend you read this book and put the principles in place. To take one thing away from the summary and make it habit will be the “Habit of Going the Extra Mile”. Put this front and center and it will help you in everything you do.

According to Mr. Hill, Going the extra mile by doing more than one is paid for – “It is the strange influence which it has on the person who does it. The greatest benefit from this habit does not come to those to whom the service is rendered. It comes to the one who renders the service, in the form of a changed “mental attitude,” which gives him more influence with other people, more self-reliance, greater initiative, more enthusiasm, more vision and definiteness of purpose.

Do the thing and you shall have the power!!!! 

Joe Mosed


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sell, Sell, Sell! And Do It Well.

Simply put, selling is the lifeblood of every business. Research & development, customer service, production and administration exist because people buy from sales. No sales equals no business. If you're striving to be an entrepreneur or have a successful career (who isn't?), you have to master selling skills and Harvey’s book is a great road map to do it. So without further ado, here is my review of "The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World" by NYT best selling author, Harvey Mackay.

So, why is this important to me?
I always want to ask this question as if I'm sitting in your shoes because I don't want to waste your time. Sales is the second oldest profession in existence and is flooded with people who don’t know how to do it. The sales profession has such a bad reputation because 85% of people that are "selling" are not qualified for the job. The turnover rate is high and training is non-existent. Some ingredients for a true professional salesperson are high integrity, hungry fighter, positive attitude, prepared, authoritative and a great listener.

Harvey's book is broken down into seven major sections. Today, I till highlight three takeaways for the sake of time.

1. Learning – Learning to listen, prepare, present and ask questions are all required just to enter the sales realm. Learning your strengths and weaknesses and understanding how to fill them is required. If we breakdown an actual sales meeting, the learning sections will identify themselves.
1. Before the Call – Read their website, Google their names, scour Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to understand what they are all about. If you are meeting with a team then find out everything about each person.

2. Know why the prospect invited you in – Asking questions and understanding some of their problems before you get there help in pre-call planning. If you're not sure of their problems, email them and ask them to outline two goals.

3. During the Call – Listening, digging in and asking questions establishes rapport and puts you ahead of 80% of the other sales people.

4. Presenting – You have to do it correctly and speak to all personality types. Preparing and understanding your audience is mandatory for success.

5. Closing – There are whole libraries created around the concept of closing. I have a simple rule – Prospects love to buy and hate to be sold. They will close themselves if you did your job.
2. Goals – Goal setting is cliché and everybody talks about doing it. Do you really do it? Most people don’t and that is why we hear so much about it. The discipline of learning will crystalize your goal attainment because your mind will find ways to serve you. You will achieve what you focus on and if you BELIEVE in your goals and they are what you really want (i.e. not somebody else’s goals) then you will achieve them. Note: You have to do the work.

3. Internet – I could write a book about how Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter have changed the selling landscape. There is not old school and new school selling like some people think. It is not one or the other but a combination of both that will make you successful. Using technology to enhance your selling skills will help you close more business. Three staples...
1. Google Alerts – Create alerts around the products and services you sell and have them delivered to your email box. Google is a prospecting machine in this sense. It works, and a lot of people don't use this function.

2. Follow up Right NOW – 78% of internet leads buy from the company that follows up first. This statistic is staggering and if you simply call first, you will win.

3. LinkedIn – Know your target audience and use LinkedIn to Get IN! Researching your prospect and their company will easily put you ahead of the game. I am shocked how many sales people still sell like it is 1985. LinkedIn and other social media sites are a wealth of knowledge just waiting to help you get more customers.
Honesty, integrity, character and heart are all required if you want a long term prosperous selling career. Harvey talks about this all through his book. I realize non-sales people probably do not believe this but if you think about the people you have purchased from then you will understand that the ones you constantly buy from have these traits. I hope you've found this review/blog post helpful! There's plenty more on my website,
Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Friday, 20 January 2012

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night & Work Out Every Day

"Full Throttle Conditioning" by Ross Enamait

Guns and Roses, Metallica, Van Halen and Kiss are all hardcore rock and roll music bands. They signify high energy and intensity. I need to tell you that Ross is the same way in his philosophy to working out. This book and DVD series is awesome. Ross must be a bit crazy the way he works. This guy defines the concept of “Work Ethic” in this educational series. 

This is important because....

Ross is a combat sports training expert and understands what it takes to train effectively to win. If you are a boxer, MMA fighter or wrestler then this program will help you build up your gut system to peak performance. The well-conditioned athlete will outperform the more talented athlete in the later rounds – EVERY Time. The book is pretty short (easy read) but is still packed with tons of useful tips and information. As usual, I've selected a few things to highlight.

1. Energy Systems – Ross discusses in full detail ATP-PC, glycogen and aerobic energy systems. He uses research and goes into detail how these systems work. In a nutshell, you have three energy systems which consists of two anaerobic and one aerobic. The goal in this type of working out is to increase the Net Work Output and maximize all three energy systems to do that. If you are a boxing or MMA fan, then you may have noticed that in the beginning of fights, the combat athletes have more power in there strikes than they do later in the fight. This has to do with the anaerobic system being torn down and losing energy. Ross shows you how you can increase the anaerobic work capacity by using aerobic rest periods to increase total work output. This is great stuff. Two of the best fighters – Manny Pacquiao and Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather have unbelievable endurance and energy and that is why they have been champions for so long. 

2. Interval Training – Interval training is the best way to enhance aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Research shows that intense, intermittent training offers the best of both worlds. Side Note: If you want to lose weight / fat, then this type of working out will melt it away. Interval training provides a mechanism for you to burn calories all day. Research shows that sprint training, interval work and other forms of intensity helps the body burn calories – ALL DAY. This secret is the key for you to melt away fat. You can run long distances and that work out will burn more calories DURING THE WORK OUT. It is the rest of the day that counts if you want to burn calories and Interval Training is the key. 

3. Variety – The Biological law of accommodation. This law states that the body’s response to a constant stimulus decreases over time. I never knew they had a technical name for boredom. If you have exercised for any period of time then you have hit plateaus in your workout routines. The body and mind is a magnificent combination and allows you to adapt to stimulus. Some work out programs get around this by using muscle confusion. Basically they vary the types of exercises you do. This law is relevant in every part of your life. If you have not had a New York Strip steak in ages and love steak then when you finally have one, it tastes great. If you have one every day for dinner this month then you get bored and it is no longer great. The same holds true for exercise routines. Ross combines different exercises with full intensity and timed relaxation between sets. Remember the goal of his workout is to maximize work output in the shortest amount of time. Basically this is the holy grail of working out because you can compound your results in less time. If you have watched any of my summaries then you know that I am a big fan of compound effects and preserving time.

If you're going to take away one thing from this book, it's to jump rope. I know this sounds basic but a lot of people don’t like to run. Rope jumping with intensity will trigger fat burning and build all three of your energy systems. Try it as part of your exercise routine for one month and chart your progress. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 


Friday, 13 January 2012

"Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle"by Dan Senor & Saul Singer

This book is about innovation and entrepreneurship.  Israel has been successful despite of the pain the nation has endeared.  They have thrived because their survival depends upon it.  This book is a story that embodies tenacity, insatiable questioning of authority, determined informality, with a unique attitude toward failure, teamwork, mission, risk and cross-disciplinary creativity.

Why is this important to me? You know by now, I always ask this question.

Have you every used Pay pal or a computer with an Intel processor in it?  If you have then those innovations came from Israel.  Regardless of your political view, it is undeniable that the business innovation coming out of this small country is second to none around the world.  The proof is in the amount of Venture capital that pours into the country.  In 2007/2008, Israel received more venture funds per capita then all the other nations combined.

Two main drivers of this innovation are:

1. Survival – Look at any map and you will see that Israel is surrounded by nations that want it destroyed.  The citizens have learned to live and thrive in this environment through ingenuity and shear guts.  Every male is required to go into the military thus they are battlefield tested entrepreneurs.

2. Questioning of Authority – this quality was surprising.  If you have every watched Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm then you know what a pain in the ass the questioning of authority can cause.  It can be down right annoying but the level of clarity created is proof of what gets accomplished.  It is common in Israeli military for every soldier to question authority.  This is in stark contrast to American Military.  I am not saying one is better than the other but the level of questioning/arguing creates great solutions.

Start-up Nation is a great book and there are tons of excellent examples in it.  For the sake of time, I will profile three innovations that came out of Israel.

1. Fraud Sciences – Shvat Shaked and his small team came up with a cool technology to identify computer fraud.  The venture capital firm setup a meeting with Paypal now owned by Ebay.  The Paypal VP basically did not want to have the meeting because he figured his team was way ahead of any startup in terms of fraud detection and protection.  Long story short, Shvat and his team had one simple idea.

2. Intel – Do you remember the chip race wars?  All computers were measured by clock speed from megahertz to gigahertz.  This caused one huge problem – HEAT.  Basically the way computer chips used to work for speed was similar to your car transmission being stuck in first gear and you wanting to go full speed.  The Israeli R&D group for Intel came up with a simple concept.  Why not design chips like transmissions.  The faster you go step them up from 1st to 5th gear.  This change required the whole company to change its marketing message and direction. According to the Intel leadership, this innovation saved the company.

3. Mash ups – The multi-tasking nature and the combination of disparate technologies breads true innovation.  In my own business, we combined Voice, Email, Chat and all communication types to be the first on the market to offer one platform for all communication archiving.  This is a simple example of a mash up because other vendors just do one communication type. The innovations seen throughout the book are great examples of combining expertise from different areas to come up with a better mouse trap.

"Start-Up Nation" is a must read for anybody interested in true innovation.  The ideas in the book can help any entrepreneur grow their business.  The balance between pain and incentives is seen throughout Israel’s history.  Success for them is the only option.

If you enjoyed this video then please do not hesitate to pass it along and if you want more detail then click on the link below and purchase Dan & Saul’s book - “Start-up
Nation.” Thanks for watching and have a great day!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Success in Sales with Integrity & Honesty

This week's book: "Influence: Science and Practice" by Dr. Robert Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini is a former professor at Arizona State University. I'm so interested in this book because it is backed by research and science. Sales is a profession that drives every business, that's a no-brainer. Thus, you need to know how to sell.  Just like the great former heavy weight champion boxer George Foreman said, "If you can sell then you will always eat."

I always ask the question: Why is this important to me? Well, here is my answer.

Unfortunately, the sales profession has negative connotations. Think about the word “salesmen” and what pops in your head? Typically when I ask this question, people say things like: liar, thief, shyster, money hungry, and here today gone tomorrow. This is the case because people go into sales in a last resort scenario, waiting for their “real” job. This behavior is detrimental for the true sales professional.  I can tell you that sales is an excellent profession. Bad sales people are created because companies hire people,
give them a desk, phone and yellow book and tell them to sell. Their training is all of five minutes. For the professional organizations that want to be successful, it is imperative to understand Persuasion and Influence. Dr. Cialdini reviews the research in this book.

There is so much relevant information in this book on influence. There 7 or so excellent points, but here I'll just go into detail on 3 of them.

1. Reciprocation – This is the old adage of giving. When you give, people feel compelled to give back.  In the book Dr. Cialdini chats about a study on tipping. Research shows that when waiters/waitresses gave one mint to each person, their tips increased and when they gave two mints per person, their tips increased
dramatically.  Reciprocation is very powerful in sales.  When you first seek to understand and then be understood, your hit rate will increase 10X.

2. Commitment & Consistency – This is critically important in life in general.  Basically, people who do what they say and say what they do are consistent and respected. When people say one thing and do another they are seen as NOT honorable.  Toy companies had a real problem in that January and February sales were always terrible after all the families leveraged their credit cards for Christmas.  To remedy the problem, they used the power of commitment & consistency.  Basically, they would advertise the hot new toy BEFORE Christmas to create demand so all the little Johnnies would want it.  They would ask their parents and the parents would COMMIT. The next move was brilliant. They would create a shortage of the toy. Now parents would still have to buy toys for Christmas but not the new toy that was promised.
Needless to say, January and February sales increased because parents promised their kids that particular toy.  I guess this is why there is no shortage of money on Madison Avenue……..

3. Social Proof – This means that people want to know that other people are doing it.  In my profession, we sell enterprise software to police departments all over the country.  These customers ALWAYS want to know who else has our stuff.  They are looking for social proof.  In the software business, there is an old saying that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.  This is the essence of social proof.

And here is the essence of selling, summed up in jealousy and romance: Boyfriend gets bored with his girl and starts ignoring her and they break up.  Once he gets wind that she is interested in somebody else, then he is all over her and wants her back.  In selling, this is called Negative Sell or the take away.  This is the strongest technique and creates the most demand.

"Influence" is a great book and I suggest you read it.  Influence and persuasion are the keys to any business and wealth creation.  You can have the best product in the world but if you can not sell it then it will die.  Apple has more money in the bank than the U.S. Government and the reason is that Steve Jobs is a master at Influence and Persuasion. And one quick, last note – I believe that sales is the greatest profession out there.  True professionals want to help their clients and understand that business is circular.  That is why the most successful sales people are honest, trustworthily and people of great integrity.